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Saw these red coneflowers growing along a fence line and had to stop and get a photo.

Bee 070816

Day 69 – Busy Bee

This little bee could not get enough of these flowers.  He was flitting from one to another so fast it was hard to catch him.  But I did 🙂

Day 68 – Sunflowers

Today when I went out to grab lunch, I turned down a residential street I had not been down before, and was it ever the right turn!  This lady had the most beautiful flowers in her yard that I just had to stop and get some shots!  I don’t think I was really trespassing since the flowers bordered the sidewalk, but I sure was all up in her flowers.  🙂

Here are a few shots of the sunflowers she had.  I didn’t use any photo editing, and my camera was set on the regular Program Auto setting.  But the way the sun is shining behind some of these, it almost makes them look like a painting or something.  Oh, and the bee was just a bonus.

Day 28 – More of God’s Creations…

Here are some more flowers that I have taken in the past few days.  I hope you’re not getting tired of them.  I am just constantly amazed that God has created so many presents for our eyes to behold.  I will move on to another subject soon  🙂

I don’t know what this little present from God  is, but the detail on these tiny flowers is just amazing!

I think this is more of an ornamental grass, but it was very fluffy and cool.

I think this is some sort of lily, possibly a spider lily?  Beautiful!

Lastly, I caught these honey bees on this bush full of white flowers.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what kind of bush this was, but it was very pretty.

Day 6 – Butterflies and Bees

Today Rob and I drove to Columbia, MD (just outside of Baltimore.)  We are here for the M3 music festival on Saturday and decided to take a couple of extra days for some R&R, and also for a little early anniversary celebration.  Along the way, we drove through this place where the mountains had literally been cut so that the expressway could go through.  There was a pedestrian bridge across it (not so affectionately re-named “the scary bridge” by me) and a scenic overlook.  So we decided to stop and check it out.  Well after walking the path up a ginormous hill, we get to the pedestrian bridge that goes over 6 lanes of expressway traffic.  I am not afraid of heights, but in walking across this bridge, I discover that I am suddenly deathly afraid of being over top of traffic that is traveling at 70+ mph.  I finally make it across the bridge by clinging to Rob, who I’m sure still has fingernail prints in his arm.  But the fear was well worth it, because I got what I believe to be amazing shots of some gorgeous flowers and butterflies and bees.  BTW, if anyone knows what kind of flowers these are, I would love to know.

First is the scary bridge.  Next is the cute little flower garden where I found all my treasures.  Finally, the butterfly and bee that kept me occupied for quite some time.  I am so happy with how these photos came out.  I practiced my “rule of thirds” too.  I apologize for there being so many, I just couldn’t decide.  I hope you enjoy.

I have to be on the other side 😦

Bridge over 6 lanes of traffic

Flower Garden