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One of my very favorite things about Cincinnati is the Suspension Bridge.  The bridge is one of many that cross the Ohio River and connect Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH.  You may remember this post from earlier in my blog.  This past weekend, Rob and I walked across the Suspension Bridge and took tons of photos along the way.  This curvature caught my eye right away!


“Triple Whipple” Bridge

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to assist on an engagement photo shoot. The couple was so adorable, and they were a joy to work with.

One of the locations we visited was the Laughery Creek Bridge (aka the “Triple Whipple” Bridge) near Rising Sun, Indiana. It was constructed in 1878 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio and is the only remaining bridge of its kind.

Needless to say, it made a fabulous setting for the photos! Thank you so much Kristen and Shane for letting me be part of your day!  I hope to have some of the photos posted soon. 🙂

Day 334 – Reflecting

I thought today’s title was appropriate considering I’m so close to completing my Project 365.  Wow!  That doesn’t even seem possible!  I have been giving a lot of thought to what my next step will be.  I came across a fabulous idea earlier this week…but I haven’t made a final decision yet.  I will be around though!  I feel like I am just scratching the surface of this hobby that has now become so much more than that.  I also definitely want to devote some serious time to learning PS Elements and Lightroom.  So I hope all of you will continue down this path with me…wherever it leads me.

That being said…today’s photo is actually from a couple months ago atop the Carew Tower.  I love the river, the bridge and the Red’s Stadium in the background, and that super cool reflection.  (SOOC)

Day 296 – Down by the River

This afternoon Rob and I headed down to the Levee in Newport, KY.  From there we walked across the Purple People Bridge into Cincinnati.  It was so beautiful outside today!  Not sure how far we walked, but we figure at least a couple of miles.  I’ll be posting a few of the photos over the next several days.

(Purple People Bridge, SOOC)

One of my favorite buildings ever is the Ascent Building in Covington, KY.  I actually had the chance to spend some time in the model of these condos, before this building was even built. Maybe someday I’ll get to visit this one!

The Ascent Building (SOOC)

Day 284 – “Big Mac” Bridge

Another one of my favorite things here in the Cincinnati area is the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge (more affectionately known to everyone as the “Big Mac” Bridge.)  I’ve always been told it got the nickname because it kinda looks like the famous golden arches of McDonald’s.  But I did some research today just to be sure, and although it does have something to do with McDonald’s, there’s a little more to the story.

The Daniel Carter Beard Bridge is named after the founder of the Boy Scouts, who was born and raised nearby.  However, many locals, including traffic reporters, ignore the bridge’s official name and instead call it “The Big Mac Bridge.”  The nickname stems from an early 1980’s attempt by McDonald’s to open a floating restaurant on the Newport Riverfront.  However, that did not happen.  You can read more about the bridge here.

Photo taken with Canon 60D, SOOC.

Day 199 – Big Mac and Queen

My daughter Macy took this shot.  We were in a restaurant on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, and she grabbed the opportunity to shoot the Big Mac Bridge and the new Queen Building.  She has a much better eye than I do…I love to watch her setting up a photo 🙂

Day 6 – Butterflies and Bees

Today Rob and I drove to Columbia, MD (just outside of Baltimore.)  We are here for the M3 music festival on Saturday and decided to take a couple of extra days for some R&R, and also for a little early anniversary celebration.  Along the way, we drove through this place where the mountains had literally been cut so that the expressway could go through.  There was a pedestrian bridge across it (not so affectionately re-named “the scary bridge” by me) and a scenic overlook.  So we decided to stop and check it out.  Well after walking the path up a ginormous hill, we get to the pedestrian bridge that goes over 6 lanes of expressway traffic.  I am not afraid of heights, but in walking across this bridge, I discover that I am suddenly deathly afraid of being over top of traffic that is traveling at 70+ mph.  I finally make it across the bridge by clinging to Rob, who I’m sure still has fingernail prints in his arm.  But the fear was well worth it, because I got what I believe to be amazing shots of some gorgeous flowers and butterflies and bees.  BTW, if anyone knows what kind of flowers these are, I would love to know.

First is the scary bridge.  Next is the cute little flower garden where I found all my treasures.  Finally, the butterfly and bee that kept me occupied for quite some time.  I am so happy with how these photos came out.  I practiced my “rule of thirds” too.  I apologize for there being so many, I just couldn’t decide.  I hope you enjoy.

I have to be on the other side 😦

Bridge over 6 lanes of traffic

Flower Garden