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Day 114 – Last of the Butterflies

This has to be one of the last remaining butterflies of the season.  And of all the butterflies I have seen and photographed this summer, this is the first Monarch.  This one was hanging around on our tree in the front yard, and I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos.


DAY 59 – Butterflies

While we were at Ober Gatlinburg yesterday, I became really engrossed in trying to catch this butterfly that kept flitting around the flowers.  It was very quick, and would only light for a second, and then it would still be flapping its wings like crazy.  I was very patient, and I finally got a half-way decent shot of it.

The second butterfly, was much more cooperative.  Not as pretty, but easier to photograph.  🙂

Day 6 – Butterflies and Bees

Today Rob and I drove to Columbia, MD (just outside of Baltimore.)  We are here for the M3 music festival on Saturday and decided to take a couple of extra days for some R&R, and also for a little early anniversary celebration.  Along the way, we drove through this place where the mountains had literally been cut so that the expressway could go through.  There was a pedestrian bridge across it (not so affectionately re-named “the scary bridge” by me) and a scenic overlook.  So we decided to stop and check it out.  Well after walking the path up a ginormous hill, we get to the pedestrian bridge that goes over 6 lanes of expressway traffic.  I am not afraid of heights, but in walking across this bridge, I discover that I am suddenly deathly afraid of being over top of traffic that is traveling at 70+ mph.  I finally make it across the bridge by clinging to Rob, who I’m sure still has fingernail prints in his arm.  But the fear was well worth it, because I got what I believe to be amazing shots of some gorgeous flowers and butterflies and bees.  BTW, if anyone knows what kind of flowers these are, I would love to know.

First is the scary bridge.  Next is the cute little flower garden where I found all my treasures.  Finally, the butterfly and bee that kept me occupied for quite some time.  I am so happy with how these photos came out.  I practiced my “rule of thirds” too.  I apologize for there being so many, I just couldn’t decide.  I hope you enjoy.

I have to be on the other side 😦

Bridge over 6 lanes of traffic

Flower Garden