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Saw these red coneflowers growing along a fence line and had to stop and get a photo.

Bee 070816


Heart of Gold

This rose is called “Heart of Gold.” One of my dear friends gave it to me for Mother’s Day. I love it.Heart of Gold 2

#37/52 – Duty

Pollen collecting duty!

(photo taken with iPhone 4S)

#31/52 – Leisure

Macy and I spent the weekend with Baby Hanson and his family.  He is getting so big, and learning so much!  I also got to meet Hanson’s new baby nephew, Emery.  What a cutie!  He wasn’t feeling very well, so I didn’t get many photos of him.  Next time!

Sunday it rained all day, so we had lots of leisure time to just sit around and talk.  So good for my soul!  After the rain, I had to get a shot of the water drops on Kim’s flowers

Yes, I stretched this week’s theme.  They’re getting difficult.  🙂

#30/52 – Flowers

If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, you know that I love to photograph flowers.  And while I am expanding my photography options, flowers still have a big spot in my heart.

A few weeks ago at Savannah’s maternity shoot, I became quite enamored with the thistles that were growing in the fields around us.  I couldn’t help but stop and get a few shots.

And just for good measure…I’ve been toying with creating a logo for my business, and I’d like to incorporate a poppy (the name Macy called my Daddy.)  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.  I’d really appreciate your feedback!  Thanks!

#11/52 – Colors

Spring has sprung in northern KY, and colors are everywhere.  I couldn’t resist a shot of some yellow forsythia against that amazing blue sky.

You Buzzed?

One from the archives today.  Found this wasp hanging out on some Queen Anne’s Lace.  SOOC.

All this cold weather has me already longing for sunshine and flowers.  And buzzy things.  Enjoy!

Fall Flower

SOOC except for a slight crop.

Mystery Red

I have no idea what kind of flower this was, but they were everywhere on the resort in Riviera Maya.  I love the little fuzzy orbs on the end!  SOOC.

Cancun Lily

While walking on the path to the beach in Cancun, this beautiful lily caught my eye.  I think it’s some sort of spider lily.  SOOC.


Found this blooming coneflower in Mamaw’s flowerbed.  I think it’s amazing how they start out .  SOOC.

Obsessions Continue

Remember my obsession with Queen Anne’s Lace?  And wild chicory?  Sure you do.  Well…the obsessions continue.  And how cool is it that I got two for one?  SOOC.  🙂

Summer Beauty


Wild Chicory

Wild chicory may just be another obsession of mine.  I’ve done some research on it, but still can’t find out anything about it being there one minute and gone the next.  Macy and I found a huge patch of it on our way somewhere, and two hours later when we returned to take photos, the flowers were gone and all that was left were the sticks they bloom on.

But I did find some, and I’ll be looking for more.  SOOC.  Wishing you all a fabulous week!

Dusty Zinnia

Found this zinnia in Mamaw’s flowerbed.  I love how it looks like it’s been dusted with pollen!

Photo is SOOC other than a small crop.

Queen Anne’s Lace

My obsession with Queen Anne’s Lace continues.  Stay tuned.  🙂

Photo is SOOC.

Bee-ing Busy

I caught this bee busily collecting pollen from all the beautiful coneflowers!  Photo is SOOC.

After the Rain

Everything is so beautiful after the rain.  (SOOC)

Grandma’s Roses

I spent this past weekend in upstate New York with some of my family.  My handsome youngest cousin and his beautiful wife are expecting their first child in August, and their friends and family threw a surprise baby shower for her.  My cousin Nicolle from Michigan, and I were one very small part of the surprise.  It was fabulous being in my Grandma’s house again with some of my favorite people in the world.  I am so blessed.

Grandma always had the most amazing roses.  And my Aunt Toni has done a wonderful job keeping them happy, healthy and beautiful.  SOOC.

Along the Way

I am surprised how much I miss taking and posting a photo every day.  I kinda don’t know what to do with myself.  🙂

So here’s a little something I found along the way…SOOC except for cropping.

Day 364 – English Daisy

Have I mentioned that I love daisies?  Well I do.  Adore them.  They’re my fave.  And then, I found this beauty.  It’s an English daisy, and it’s fringy little petals just stole my heart.  That’s a whole lotta he loves me, he loves me not.  🙂

Lomography English daisy

Day 362 – Rhythm & Blues

I was unable to post last night because our electricity was out once again.  I just want to say that Duke Energy sucks!  This is the third time in 8 days that our power has been out.  Last night it was out for at least 5 hours.  Did I mention that it was 98 degrees here yesterday?  I don’t know what is going on with Duke Energy, but it’s ridiculous!

Anyway, here is my post from yesterday.  These petunias are called Rhythm & Blues.  I love the vibrant purple and how the white edging sets it off.  SOOC.

Day 361 – Stella d’Oro

I came across this patch of Stella d’oro lilies at the Florence Nature Park.  Enjoy!  SOOC.

Day 359 – Daisy Up Close

I absolutely adore a daisy.  I mean look at it…so sunny and happy!  And it’s SOOC.  🙂