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I posted this pic to Facebook last night, and a friend of mine commented back that the word “komorebi” showed up on her news feed from a site called word porn. It means “sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees.”

My blogger friend Martina posted a similar picture today, which prompted me to go ahead and share mine as well. Hope you enjoy!


#42/52 – Playground

Doing a photo shoot with this family is so much fun!  Who needs a playground when you have leaves, sticks and a baby brother?  🙂

Fall Flare

Couldn’t resist the sun flare 🙂

Forest Revisited

I went back to the same patch of forest where my photo was taken on Day 126.  I just can’t resist the vibrant orange leaves of these trees and the fabulous sun poking through the branches!

Graceful Transition

I love how the leaves on this tree are gracefully transitioning to their fall colors.  SOOC.

Capturing Beauty

Thanks to my wonderful friend Tammy, I heard about Traci’s blog “Ordinary Inspirations”, and her Monday “Capturing Beauty” post.

I took this photo last fall, but it’s one of my favorites from my Project365.

Thank you Traci for sharing this with us!  I am super excited to link up with Traci for this post (and to find her blog!) so head on over there and check it out for yourself.

Day 208 – Hangin’ On

The sky here in the N KY was so amazingly beautiful today I had to show it in a photograph somehow.  As luck would have it, when I came back from lunch and pulled into my parking spot, I looked up and saw these few leaves…still hangin’ on even though their other friends had long ago fallen off or blown away.

This photo is SOOC by the way…don’t you just love when a photo falls in your lap like that?  And isn’t the sky fabulous?  🙂

Day 149 – Elusive Reds

I have been looking all over the place for some red leaves, and I finally found some!  We had a pretty severe drought here this summer so the fall colors have been very limited.  Unfortunately, there are more leaves that are brown and crinkly than anything.  I was pretty excited to find a few of the elusive red ones still hanging around.  (photo unedited)

Day 148 – Ginko

When Macy and I were out and about, we saw these beautiful Ginko trees and I had to stop and take a few photos.

Day 145 – Painted Tree

On my way to grab lunch, I saw these trees with white bark (birch?) and orange leaves.  They really caught my eye because of the strong color contrast.  I decided to use the Orton effect, and it came out looking kinda like a painting.  It really made the tree trunk and the leaves stand out.

Day 129 – Fall Drive

Yes, I did take this photo while driving, however, I was very careful and there were no other cars around me 🙂

Day 126 – Fall Trees

I want to thank my sweet friend Mindy Milburn for giving me some tips for my photo today.  She posted something similar last week and I absolutely fell in love with it.  So all week, I have been looking for the perfect spot where I could try to create a photo along the same lines.  I am not there yet, but I’ll keep working on it 🙂

Day 122 – Fall is Here!

OK, so you know I have been FIGHTING the coming of fall for weeks now.  But today, I decided to embrace it.  I mean I actually drove around LOOKING for changing leaves.  And I love water reflections, so discovering this little pond made me pretty happy (there aren’t many water areas around me other than the Ohio River.)  So yeah, today I welcomed fall.  I love the colors and the smell in the air it brings.  It’s his cousin winter I have issues with.  🙂