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Day 64 – This Old Barn

I have been driving around Northern Kentucky for days now looking for old barns.  Yesterday, we went to the pool with some friends of ours, and low and behold, right there was a very cool barn just waiting for me.

I used some contrast, shadowing and saturation just to bring out the colors a little more.


Day 53 – Train Tracks

Since starting this photo blog, I have become obsessed with train tracks.  I have several train trestles close to my house and I have been strategizing about what time of day would be best to take photos at them.  This morning, I feel like I missed the photo opportunity of a lifetime.  It was the perfect storm…early morning, foggy, and a train was slowly coming down the track from far away…the light of the engine glowing in the fog.  Problem is…this trestle is very narrow and there is barely enough room for two cars to pass, much less room for a person to stand there taking photographs.  And there was pretty much non-stop traffic coming from both ways.  I was so bummed.  But I tried to cheer myself up by going to another area of tracks I found and taking a photo of that.  It’s not nearly as cool, and not foggy, and there’s no train coming, but oh well.  Hopefully I will get another opportunity to get my dream photo.

After some feedback from Mindy, I played with this in Picasa and added some shadowing to better accentuate the tracks themselves.  (The contrast option didn’t seem to do anything)  Thanks for the suggestion, Min!  I really like the change!

Day 51 – Red Barn

This one is not a Quilt Trail barn, but I thought it was pretty cool.  Macy wanted me to play around with the saturation and shadowing to see how it would look.  We’re pretty happy with the outcomes.

Red barn regular

Red barn low saturation

Red barn shadowing

Day 45 – Antique Wood Stove

There were a few other buildings in Rabbit Hash besides the General Store.  This old stove and tractor seat were actually sitting outside on the porch of the Art Gallery.  I did add some shadowing and saturation using Picasa to bring out some of the features.

Day 41 – Shadows Crossed

As I was driving by Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic School on my way home from work today, the huge wooden cross they have in front of their vestibule caught my eye.  I also caught the smaller cross that sits atop the building in the background.  Using Google Picasa, I added some shadow, and absolutely love the weathered effect it gave.

I have also attached the photo showing the vestibule and the crosses together.