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#11/52 – Colors

Spring has sprung in northern KY, and colors are everywhere.  I couldn’t resist a shot of some yellow forsythia against that amazing blue sky.


Sky on Fire

Macy and I were driving around last night and had to stop and capture this amazing sunset.  No editing, no saturation…all God.  🙂

Day 363 – Summer Sunset

My dear friend Kim shot a fantastic sunset photo last night in Russell County, KY.

Tonight, the sun decided it was my turn.  SOOC.

Day 325 – Redbuds in the Sky

It rained again today…I think the words are permanently etched in the weather forecast.  So to bring a little sunshine to an otherwise yucky day, here’s another shot of some redbuds.  Isn’t that sky awesome?  I so wish it would come back!  Photo is SOOC.

Day 323 – Good Night Sun

Today was the second day without rain around here, so we decided to drive to the outlet mall close to Columbus.  It was such a beautiful day…topped off by this beautiful sunset.  Macy took this one for me, as I was driving.  SOOC.

Day 321 – Hello Blue Sky!

I couldn’t help but take a photo of the beautiful blue sky and puffy white clouds today.  I mean it’s only been weeks (yes…weeks!) since we’ve seen either.  We’ve had over 13 inches of rain here in the N KY since April 1, and more is predicted before April is over.  So yeah, the blue sky was kind of a big deal today.  🙂

My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the horrific tornadoes of the past few weeks.

Photo is SOOC.

Day 303 – Just After Take-off

Today Macy and I went to see Soul Surfer with our friend Jackie.  Great movie…you should go check it out.

Afterward, we stopped by Cold Stone Creamery for some very overpriced ice cream and some people watching.  While sitting outside enjoying the beautiful day, this DHL plane flew overhead and I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of the colors against that blue sky.  Photo is SOOC.