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#2/52 Outdoors

I spent the weekend at Lake Cumberland, KY where I met some amazing women and made some lifelong friends.  I am truly blessed to have been a part of this fabulous weekend.

This was the view off the back deck of the home we visited, just as the sun was going down.  Photo is SOOC also.


Sunset at the Lake

Here’s another shot from the lake last weekend.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I could totally get used to seeing this every day.  🙂

Sky on Fire

Macy and I were driving around last night and had to stop and capture this amazing sunset.  No editing, no saturation…all God.  🙂

Day 363 – Summer Sunset

My dear friend Kim shot a fantastic sunset photo last night in Russell County, KY.

Tonight, the sun decided it was my turn.  SOOC.

Day 323 – Good Night Sun

Today was the second day without rain around here, so we decided to drive to the outlet mall close to Columbus.  It was such a beautiful day…topped off by this beautiful sunset.  Macy took this one for me, as I was driving.  SOOC.

Day 278 – Sunset on the Ohio

Tonight after work Rob and I headed to Cincinnati to get some photos of the Ohio River.  The last news report said the river had been 5 feet above flood stage.  Although it has now crested and is going back down, it’s still higher than I’ve ever seen it.

Oh yeah…and I actually used the new Canon 60D for this photo!  Yeah…I”m kinda in love with it already.  🙂

(Photo is SOOC)

Day 141 – Bethie’s Sunset

Tomorrow morning, one of my best friends ever is heading off to begin a new chapter of her life in Marietta, GA.  It’s been a roller coaster ride from hell the past two days with her, but hopefully, she got all the bad luck done and over with and the rest of the time will be smooth sailing.  I love you Bethie and I will miss you more than words can say…

Here is the beautiful sunset we had tonight.  It’s like it was made especially for Beth’s last night as a KY resident.  Good luck my friend!  May you find happiness beyond anything you imagined!

This photo is completely unedited.