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I posted this pic to Facebook last night, and a friend of mine commented back that the word “komorebi” showed up on her news feed from a site called word porn. It means “sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees.”

My blogger friend Martina posted a similar picture today, which prompted me to go ahead and share mine as well. Hope you enjoy!


#6/52 – Winter

We had a touch of winter today.  Snowed like crazy for a  couple of hours and then it all melted before it was time to leave work.  Just the way I like it!

Winter 2


Photo taken with iPhone 4S and edited in Snapseed.

White Dove

When I was on the photo shoot with the Hightower’s a few weeks ago, we came across this white dove.  I upped the contrast a little so he would pop since the sky was so dreary.

Fall Flare

Couldn’t resist the sun flare 🙂

Forest Revisited

I went back to the same patch of forest where my photo was taken on Day 126.  I just can’t resist the vibrant orange leaves of these trees and the fabulous sun poking through the branches!

Graceful Transition

I love how the leaves on this tree are gracefully transitioning to their fall colors.  SOOC.

Fall at Lake Cumberland

Macy and I went to visit my sister-friend Kim this past weekend, and we got to explore a little more of the beautiful countryside by Lake Cumberland.  After stopping at the fish hatchery, Kim took us down to this little creek where we found some more geodes.  Don’t be surprised to see some photos of them in a later post!  🙂

For now, here’s a photo at the creek.

Day 363 – Summer Sunset

My dear friend Kim shot a fantastic sunset photo last night in Russell County, KY.

Tonight, the sun decided it was my turn.  SOOC.

Day 342 – Almost Done

I was really desperate for a photo today.  I saw these gorgeous pink flowering trees on my way home and pulled into a parking lot to grab a shot of one.  Turns out they’re not so gorgeous close up.  Between the blooms being almost done, and the days of solid rain we’ve had beating them down, they’ve definitely seen their better days.  But then again, I guess we’re all like that sometimes.  🙂

Day 332 – Baby Cones

I went for a walk today after work…finally a day without rain so I could get outside!  I took my camera with  me “just in case” and I’m really glad I did.  I came across these baby pine cones.  Aren’t they precious?  (SOOC)

Day 319 – Eastern Redbud

The April FabFoto contest theme was Redbuds.  I took a drive out to the country to find some, but I found plenty then.  Contest results are not in yet, but I’ll keep you posted.  🙂

Photo taken in DeMossville, KY and is SOOC.

Day 308 – What’s the Buzz?

I am on a quest to find Eastern redbuds and dogwood trees that are blooming.  Working on another photo contest project.  So today, I stopped by the Florence Nature Park to see what was blooming there.  I was disappointed that I didn’t see either a redbud or a dogwood, but I did see this fabulous tree with pretty white blooms.  I stopped to get a few photos and along came this bee…the first one I’ve seen this season.  Ahh…spring is finally here!

As are most of my flower photos…this one is SOOC.  I can’t do this with the new Canon!  Can’t wait until we can afford a macro lens!  LOL!

Day 288 – Bradford Bud

Today I learned a valuable lesson regarding the Canon 60D.  It will appear to be taking photos, even if the memory card is not in it.  And, I found this out the hard way after spending over an hour outside in the cold and wind taking photos.  There are some fabulous tulip trees at my work that have just started to bloom, and I drove back over today to grab some photos.  And I took a bunch.  And some more daffodil photos too.  When I got home, Rob realized the card was sitting here in the memory card reader on the coffee table.  So needless to say…I will always check from now on to make sure the memory card is actually in the camera.  In the Canon’s defense, if you have the screen opened to view your photos, it does let you know that no card is present.  Another thing I discovered after the fact.  LOL!

Oh well, after I recovered from my little temper tantrum, and after I warmed up a little, I ventured out into the backyard and got a few shots of the Bradford pear buds.  I hope to get some more shots as they progress, but we’re supposed to get 2 inches of snow tonight, so not sure how they’ll look after that.

I hope y’all are having a fabulous Saturday, and thank you as always, for visiting!

(Photo is SOOC)

Day 231 – Snow Bird

We got even more snow last night.  Thankfully it didn’t interfere with traffic, and the kiddos got away with a delay instead of missing yet another day of school.

I went out for a few minutes at lunch and came across a few birds playing in the branches.  I couldn’t resist this little guy sitting by himself, surrounded by snow on the branch.  Added Lomo for a pop of color in the remaining leaves.

Day 214 – Snow Day!

We had more snow in the N KY today.  We have about 4 inches here at the house and we’re supposed to get more light snow overnight.  Looks like the kiddo’s will probably have another snow day tomorrow.  Man I miss snow days!

Day 208 – Hangin’ On

The sky here in the N KY was so amazingly beautiful today I had to show it in a photograph somehow.  As luck would have it, when I came back from lunch and pulled into my parking spot, I looked up and saw these few leaves…still hangin’ on even though their other friends had long ago fallen off or blown away.

This photo is SOOC by the way…don’t you just love when a photo falls in your lap like that?  And isn’t the sky fabulous?  🙂

Day 189 – Blanketed Branches

Today was not a good day for me.  Have you ever had a day that starts out fine, and then one little thing happens that just completely changes your mood and just ruins the whole rest of your day?  Well that happened today, and then something got piled on that, then something else, and something else, and finally I just came home and took a nap.  It was the only way I could figure how to cope.  It made me feel a little better, but it didn’t cure me.  At this point, I’m just hoping for a better day tomorrow.

I did get a few photos today.  I’m already over the snow.  But here’s a cool tree that I found, and I really liked how the snow was laying on the branches.  I added some Lomo effect to make the colors pop.  It is kind of blah around here with all the snow.  🙂

Day 183 – Character

When I was out and about, I came across this statue and I thought it was really cool.  But when I got home and got to looking at my photos on the computer, I noticed the child in the statue has blue hands.  Not sure what is up with that, but I guess it just gives him character.  🙂

Day 182 – Half Way

I can’t believe I am half-way through a Project 365!  Especially since I didn’t think I would ever stick with it.  But I have learned a lot, and made some fabulous new friends along the way.  I have enjoyed myself so much that I am excited about the next 6 months!  I know that my creativity will really be tested in the next few months, as there are no flowers, no bees, and no colored leaves to photograph right now.  But I will continue to strive for new and creative photos.

Several of my friends have commented before how much they love a tree-lined driveway or street.  Well, I do too…and I found one today.  And I am looking forward to returning to this location to get shots of the trees in each season.  I hope you enjoy!

Day 181 – Tracks in the Snow

Today when I went to lunch, I passed by the place where my magical trees grow.  Now that we’ve had some rain and snow here in the N KY, I wanted to stop and get a photo of the creek I found when I shot the trees earlier this fall.  I had seen the path then too, but it was kind of a mystery to me.  There is no visible way to get to this path from the road, yet it appears that there are fresh tire tracks in the snow.  I’m not sure how the tracks got there, but I think it makes the photo pretty interesting.

Day 177 – Snowy Tree

When I set out to create this photograph, I didn’t realize there was some straggling vines in the way of my subject.  But I think it made the photo more interesting.

Day 165 – Into the Leaves

Well, I officially have my fall sinus infection, and this one is really kicking my butt!  I have been too sick to go out and take a photo today, so here’s one I took Saturday at the balloon show.  For this photo, I placed the camera against the tree trunk and shot up into the leaves.

Day 158 – Black & White Magic

Maybe it’s the gray weather we’re having here in the N KY, but I am in a black and white mood today.  I took another photo of the “magical” trees and added a little Holga style to it in Picnik.  I really like how it came out.  I really like these trees, too.  🙂

Day 157 – Magical Trees

I did some research on the white trees I found, and I am pretty sure they are Quaking Aspens.  Whatever they are, I think they’re magical.  I love the white bark, and how it provides such contrast against the surrounding foliage.