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#11/52 – Colors

Spring has sprung in northern KY, and colors are everywhere.  I couldn’t resist a shot of some yellow forsythia against that amazing blue sky.


Fall Flower

SOOC except for a slight crop.

New Site!

After much prayer, consideration and encouragement…I now have a website!  Well, it’s still under construction, but it’s mine and I’m so excited!  You can also check out my Facebook page or find me on Twitter.

I’d love for you to visit and of course, as always, comments/suggestions/criticism is welcome and appreciated.  Thank you!

Day 276 – You Make Me Better

Today I did some photo experimenting, thanks to an idea I got from my friend, Cathy.  Check out her amazing photos here.  The minute I saw this shot of hers, I knew I had to try it myself.

She has been so helpful and inspiring to me regarding my flower photos.  All of the photographers I’ve “met” through this photo journey are always so willing to offer tips, advice, and ideas.  It’s such an amazing world to be a part of.

I thank each of you for your inspirations, comments, and willingness to share information.  You have all contributed to making me a better photographer.

Day 230 – Sunny Side Up

Here’s another flower for today.  I just can’t help it.  🙂

(Photo is SOOC)

Day 229 – Sunburst

I think my favorite thing about taking a bunch of photos at one time is sitting down to look at them.  When I see them on the computer screen, sometimes I am amazed at what I have done.  More often than not, that’s not a good thing!  Sometimes the view finder on the camera can be a trickster…leading you to believe that you have something wonderful that turns out to be, well, useless.  And then…sometimes…you find a treasure waiting for you.

I don’t think I have ever been able to say this about a photo that I have taken (although I’ve said it many times looking at the photos that y’all have taken) but when I saw this photo of mine, I literally sucked in a breath and made this squeaking sound that I can’t even put into letters to form a word.  Move over Green Lantern, there’s a new favorite in town.  🙂

(Photo is SOOC)